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Privacy Policy:

Your personal information is never shared with third parties.  You can read a detailed privacy policy by clicking the "Privacy" link above.  We value your need for privacy and we respect you.  We have the same needs, ourselves.  We despise SPAM and we will certainly not promote it.  We also do not market to children under 13 in any circumstances, though we strive to maintain family-oriented links here and on all of our other sites, we cannot guarantee who they link to in the future, however, so use caution when you visit anyone's website, and monitor your children's surfing closely to protect them from any kind of harm while they use the internet.
Linking Policy:

Potential LINKING PARTNERS, Please Note: Family-Oriented & Internet Business sites ONLY will be accepted.  We do not reciprocate with non-related sites such as adult-rated, po^rn, hate, warez or illegal businesses.  {We also cannot link to partners who do link to these type of sites.}  Thank you for your understanding.  However, we DO invite all ezine-related, publisher related, ezine directories, ezine creation software, plus webmaster-related, hosting, SEO, graphics & illustration, web-composer software, logo-creators, graphic artists, search engines & directories, domain services, and other highly relational to mind power, health, ezines, their creation, e-books, domain naming & website creation type links.  We have recently allowed more variety in our linking strategies, such as shopping, music, weddings, and other similar businesses because self-empowerment covers a lot of territory.  If in doubt, simply email us and ask.  We are happy to address any of your questions & concerns.

webmaster @ misspelleddomains.com
subject=Link-Partner-Questions   :-)

Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Choice: 

We are NOT responsible for any link(s) followed by you & for what business you conduct with said followed link(s), for we are merely a resource to provide links to potentially beneficial products &/or services to you, but it is wholly & completely up to you, the individual to determine if the quality of the products, services & businesses at the end of each link, may or may not be suitable or right for you.  We do not & cannot guarantee the quality of said products, services, income generation, merchantability or anything else at the end of each link, we can only offer warranty on our own product(s) & service(s).  If in doubt, please consult your personal financial or legal advisor before investing in any product or service. In the unlikely event that any legal disagreements do arise against Donna Maher/Adonna Unlimited, Bizunlim, DM Software or its owner(s), any and all litigations will be heard & conducted within a 100 mile radius of Lake City, Columbia County, State of FL, USA.   Our attorney makes us put this stuff here, so thanks for reading & for putting up with the necessity of it.  :-)

For a more detailed disclaimer, please see the link at top of this page for details.  We strive to maintain FTC policies, and honesty in all our dealings, and we treat others as we wish to be treated, online and off.  Simply put, we abide by the Golden Rule.

Thank you.  Management & Owners of BizUnlim.com, DonnaMaher.com, DonnaMaher.us, MisspelledDomains.com, Journey2Healing.com, and Others

If you have questions or concerns, give me a call or email me,
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