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Your privacy is very important to us and we guard your information and your privacy as judiciously as we do our own. Basically, we do not share your private information or any of the information you have shared with us, for that matter, with anyone for any reason.  We only use it to process your order and then it is privately saved on a secure hard drive and not used again for any other purpose than to (1) edit your order, (2) deliver your completed order or (3) to communicate privately with you about your order.  You are not added to any lists or sold or bartered, we just don't operate like that, we live and work by the Golden Rule and wish that everyone else did, too.

Of course, in the instance that you have allegedly broken some law and the authorities come to us about your alleged illegal activities, then we will provide them with only the info they absolutely need to comply with their legally required information, but that has not yet happened, so it's really not an issue to worry over.

If you want to read the long version of our main website privacy statement, please go here.

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