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"We Do Eye-Catching Kindle eCovers So You Can Concentrate On Your Awesome eBook Content Instead Of Worrying About Making Attention - Getting Graphics For Your Kindle Ebooks!"

Attention Kindle E-book Publishers:

We're here to serve you! And, we're as inexpensive as anyone could be, all without sacrificing the quality and professionalism you expect and deserve. You want quality ebook covers for your Kindle projects and you'll get that quality along with an appealing design - all without breaking your budget.

We offer two different pricing levels to help you as much as possible in this faltering economy of ours, we have "Simple Elegance Kindle Covers" for $10 each and we have "Deluxe Graphical Kindle Covers" for $25 each.  Either choice will make you proud to publish your Kindle ebooks!

As a Kindle publisher, you want to draw attention to your ecover so you'll get more sales, and you will get that attention with our e-covers. Take a look at the typical Kindle offering page on Amazon and the variety of ecover styles just on this one page, please read our notes on the yellow background portion of this page 'slice' to illustrate the main reasons for using darker covers:

You can have e-covers as simple or as elaborate as you wish, by using simple box style with basic lettering or using pictures or photos that best illustrate your ebook's content for your potential customers.  Every cover we design has your unique needs and requirements in mind.  We want you to be very happy with your Kindle ecover design & we work hard to make that happen!

We use combinations of shading, glow around text, a variety of attractive fonts, we can make photos partially transparent, vignetted, bold, and more on our "Deluxe Graphical Kindle Cover" versions or we can take a plain dark color with or without texture and we put shaded letters on it, geometric figures or funky font designs wherever apropos, with plenty of attention to detail.  We care about you, as a customer, and your unique needs, regardless of cost, whether you choose our deluxe versions or our economy "Simple Elegance Kindle Cover" versions.

So, you have two choices here today for ordering our Kindle eCovers - the $25 "Deluxe Graphical" version where we use graphics & fancy fonts, shading, text glow, etc. or you can choose the economical $10 "Simple Elegance" version with bold shadowed fonts on a plain or textured color background.

Rest assured that either one will be professionally done, very attractive and they will draw the attention you want to your Kindle ebook.  Actually, a top Kindle publisher I know says that the super-plain covers actually got more attention for his ebooks than the fancier ones did, so now he uses the simplest ones all the time.

Here are the color choices for our Simple Elegance Kindle eCovers:

There are no pale colors offered because they just don't show up well on Amazon's white pages and you definitely want your Kindle covers to show up!  It's been proven that the dark colors get more clicks and more clicks mean more sales for you!

However, if you would like us to use pastels with black lettering and maybe a heavy black outline, we can do that, too.  We want you to be happy with your new Kindle ebook cover.  Just tell us exactly what you want (there's a special order preferences form you'll be taken to right after you order our service where you can actually choose any HEX color you want, among other variables so you get precisely the cover design you desire for your ebook without doing all the work).

We take great pains to make our products look great and we have absolutely no dissatisfied clients because our clients are all happy with our work and our very fast turnaround time.

Our Deluxe Graphical Kindle eCovers can be created in any color you want with beautiful photos and graphic details on the covers but we still recommend simplicity in the designs because Amazon shrinks the covers down so small that the tiny details just get lost. 

Here's a few ecover samples for our Kindle Deluxe Graphical eCover versions:

Our Deluxe covers are each unique, they have appropriate fonts for their titles, beautiful pictures to grace their backgrounds, transparent title backgrounds in matching colors on busy photos so the titles show up more vividly, and every single one we create has all the attention to detail that you want and deserve.

Sometimes folks want to turn their images on their sides to attract more attention, so we made a sample of that type of image orientation for you to see, as well:

Just having horizontal orientation does tend to grab the eye, so we included that as food for thought.  If you prefer the horizontal orientation for your new Kindle eCover, the special order form you'll be taken to has a box for your specific instructions to us.  You can add that comment to your order, such as: "I want horizontal orientation for my ecover" and we'll take care of it!

The main "problem" I can see with having it horizontal is when you go to enter it as your internal cover page in your Kindle ebook and then it might look "funny" (I don't yet own a Kindle so I don't know how it orients content, but I just read on a blog that Kindle has more trouble 'reading' landscape (or horizontal) than it does reading portrait (or vertical) layouts in PDF ebooks.  Just thought I'd throw that in for those who are 'sitting on the fence' about your cover orientation.

What about your more affordable Kindle ecover versions?

Below are some sample ideas using the Simple Elegance Kindle eCover designs which you can see are very bright and colorful even without using photographs. 
As you can see, when shrunken down even the simplest of designs can still be very powerful and they do attract your attention. 

White shaded lettering on dark colors or black on light colors really does show up very well.  Two of the samples are solid and the rest are two-tone and if you specify during the order process that you would like to have two-tone, just state the colors you want, like the red example below, "red background and white with black stripe two-tone" and we'll get it done for you ASAP.

When you place your order, as an extra bonus you will also be receiving your cover in three sizes so that you can use a smaller image to promote your Kindle book with, and a medium size if you'd rather have the cover a bit larger on your website, and a full-size image 600 px wide X 800 px tall (unless you specify it the other direction) that you can use inside your Kindle ebook as a first page image too, as desired.

What about the potential digital rights on the photos you might choose for your cover?  We have some thoughts for you regarding those sticky intellectual rights on photographs, and they are 'rules' that you don't want to ignore!

Choosing the deluxe version cover photograph(s) for your ecovers can be entrusted to us or you can send us the link to a specific photo that you want used - just make absolutely sure that the photos chosen by you are not intellectual-rights-protected by someone else, since the very steep fine for doing that is $50,000.00 per illegally-used picture.  That's pretty scary territory to venture into, so make sure any photos you wish to use are royalty free (or that they were purchased by you from a legitimate photo vendor site) or that the photographer gives you 'carte blanche' regarding his/her work.  All of this info is important to you if you're going to be providing the pictures for your covers and also something to remember if you use photos on your own websites. 

NOTE: If you leave it up to us to procure and provide the graphics for your cover, you may be assured that we always make sure that we check each photo's rights and usage terms on every single photo site we use, in order to be absolutely sure that they're free and clear of any rights encumbrances before we ever use them for any type of public works projects.
  We use any of several free rights photo sites to create beautiful & memorable artwork for our clients.  You just provide the approximate color(s) or color family that you want, the title, author name and any subtitle you want included on your Kindle eCover and we will take good care of your Kindle cover needs.

When you're ready to order, just choose the Kindle ecover service that you want, agree to our terms, and we'll do the rest!

Yes, I'd like to order your
"Deluxe Graphical"
Kindle Ecover today!

Yes, I'd like to order your
"Simple Elegance"
Kindle Ecover today!

* Right after you place your order, you will be taken to a special page where you need to enter your custom order parameters so we can begin processing your order.  This page will be where you tell us the title, author, colors desired, etc. so it's important to be thorough. Your input is crucial to the outcome of your product and the speed at which it's completed.  Thanks a million!

There is one small stipulation to ordering and if you don't agree with it, then please don't order our highly customized service.  Most people's morals would never require such a caveat, and you're very likely among that 'good people' majority, but we both know that there's always that select few who take some kind of perverse pleasure in screwing others and they're known as "serial refunders" in the industry.  So, we felt compelled to put this 'agreement' on our page to cover that very small number of advantage-takers, so we beg your understanding & hope you don't take offense, as none is intended.

I agree
By checking the "I agree" box and by placing my order, I certify that I fully understand that once you begin my customized Kindle eCover creation, I will not ask for a refund due to the very personal & custom nature of this product.  I understand that you'll make my covers at least as beautiful as the examples on this page and I believe that I will be completely satisfied with my end product.  I further certify that I have read and agree to the no refunding order stipulation before clicking the order button.  I further understand that I will have the option for one "do-over" on my eCover order if I want a change made after submitting my preferences because I know the creators are doing everything they can to guarantee my satisfaction.

Thank you, please read the "What happens next" section so you know exactly what you need to do after you click the order button for the cover service you prefer.

What happens next? 

This step is important to ensure your order is done exactly the way you want it to be:

Ok, you have made your cover choice and after you click the order button, you will be taken to a special "thank-you" page that is a special order form you will need to fill out so you can let us know all the precise information we need to process your order. You have places on this form to choose color, texture, tell us where to find the picture (if you ordered the Deluxe version) etc. (On the Deluxe order form, if there's no photo URL to give us, then just fill in google's url or your own home page, since it won't let you submit the order without a working URL in that box.)

You'll also have places to fill in your Author name, your book Title, Sub-title (if desired) and any other required information.  Be sure you fill this form out accurately since it's a "work order" for us to use to process your brand-new Kindle eCover and you want everything spelled correctly, etc.

Thank you sincerely for your order, you can be assured we will take great pains to make a beautiful, professional-looking eCover for your Kindle publication so you'll be proud to show it off and hopefully, by it being bright and attractive, it'll glean more clicks for you, as well.  Of course, you already know that the content needs to be top-notch... and that's your specialty.  If you make a truly great book for your clients and enter great keywords for it, you should have no trouble selling it, especially when it's adorned with your brand-new KCP e-cover! :-)

Wishing the very best of success to you in all your endeavors!

Warmest regards,

Donna Maher photo

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If you would like to see the "ACTUAL SIZES" of the finished ecover we will be creating for you and sending to you with every order, click here (opens in a new window to show actual sizes).

*EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary. We make no claim that you will earn any income whatsoever using this product(s). Results are based on each individual's own personality, unique capabilities, desires, motivation, marketing knowledge, abilities and talents; so we can offer no assurance you will do as well as you'd like to. You must assume the risk that you may not earn any income from using this product, although it's our sincerest wish for you that you are able to fare *very* well with your business.

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